WEBINAR: Maximizing the Avaya Cloud


Event Description

On Thursday, October 12 @ 10:00 AM Pacific, you are invited to an important Webinar on how the Cloud is enabling true business transformation.  By leveraging the right cloud strategies and tactics you can become a Next-Gen company…leaner, more innovative, able to meet the customer wherever they prefer, and faster to market.

Please join our Cloud Team for a business-centric, enlightening discussion.  Our agenda has five core topics:

  1. Key Decision Factors for Cloud Adoption
  2. Top Customer Concerns
  3. The value and importance of a Cloud Strategy
  4. Migration Made Simple (Avaya & Nortel)
  5. How the Avaya Cloud is Enabling NextGen companies

“The Cloud” is not new, yet it is evolving, rapidly.  While many organizations have migrated core IT applications to the cloud, many others have been cautions, adopting a more conservative approach.  The bottom-line is that the cloud presents some amazing opportunities for companies of all shapes and sizes to become more focused on innovation, differentiation and time-to-market.

The experts at VOX can help you understand today’s cloud, create an actionable, business-enabling cloud strategy, develop a tactical solutions roadmap and provide a comprehensive engagement team to ensure your success.  For years we have helped our clients align their vision with the right technologies that drive growth and prosperity.   Let us help you see the value of the cloud and inspire your organization to new heights.

We get it.  And, we have constructed this webinar to help.


VOX: Dunstan Speeth, Director of Cloud Solutions


Thursday, October 12, 2017
10:00AM – 11:00AM Pacific


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