vPOP (vē-pŏp) noun : VOX Process Optimization Program: A systematic methodology to measure and align operational processes with organizational strategy driving improved customer satisfaction and documented, verified hard cash flows.

The award winning VOX Process Optimization Program deploys a business strategy that transforms your organization’s processes, technology and people into a consistent and measurable delivery model dedicated to ensuring your value proposition is aligned with your customers. Our proven vPOP methodology culminates in a decisive action plan for management, providing complete financial impacts and a detailed return on investment analysis.

“Business executives using this methodology have substantially increased resource productivity and saved in excess of $500M, resulting in measurable increases in net profit and greater stakeholder value.”Craig Heile, President, Greenfield b2b

vPOP is our rigorous and proven methodology to help companies improve their business operations and capture new financial upsides as part of the outcome. With vPOP, we take a deep dive into how your organization operates by identifying and addressing critical areas of cost gains and efficiencies. With your investment in time, VOX Network Solutions will show you how to optimize your operational processes, technologies and people all while yielding substantial returns for your bottom line.

  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Lower Costs
  • Strong Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Streamline Processes
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