Is Your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Protected?

The contact center’s interactive voice response (IVR) system is commonly overlooked when fighting fraudsters, however, it is one the most frequently attacked places in an organization.

The IVR is the front door for customers who use the phone to complete self-service transactions at their convenience. With this much customer interaction it should be a secure, well protected area. But since it is so often overlooked, fraudsters will frequently target the IVR to harvest information to scam customers.

As part of organized attacks, the fraudster will probe the IVR to acquire or validate data that will enable them to cash out on victim’s accounts or gather additional information.

Stop Fraud in Your IVR

Ron Kingsford, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VOX Network Solutions, sits down with Tracy Malingo, General Manager of Intelligent Self-Service at Verint, to discuss how companies and organizations can better protect their IVR with Verint Adaptive Fraud.

Tracy explains how the many layers of Verint’s Adaptive Fraud Solution can prevent fraudulent activity in the IVR before it gets to an agent. Adaptive Fraud is designed to stop fraudsters while still providing an easy process for customers to navigate through.

Verint is offering a free 60-day impact analysis that gathers data and allows organizations to see exactly where fraudsters are attacking their IVR and provide solutions to prevent future attacks.


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