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Welcome to the future of Service Management

Envision a modern, cloud-based platform fueled by the power of big data analytics, yet with a simple UI that is completely configurable with real-time dashboards, and 1-click drill-down. Virsae keeps business communications at peak performance, so every channel remains open, customers always get answers, and workers stay productive.

We would like to introduce you to VSM, Virsae Service Management

A Cloud Platform to Monitor, Diagnose & Manage Your Enterprise Infrastructure

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Key Benefits

Cost Reductions

Gain unique insights into UC resource utilization, allowing you to shed unused capacity and save costs


Risk Mitigation

Detect and act on threatening trends early, preventing business disruption



See the location, utilization and performance of UC assets to understand how they are being used, and how to deliver maximum business benefit

unified Communications (UC)

Monitor, diagnose, and report the health of your unified communications systems and applications

Keep your UC systems running flawlessly with intelligent cloud-based service management.

  • Go beyond simple monitoring with proactive fixes to resolve 90% of issues without human intervention
  • Collect and present CMDB asset information automatically, providing at-a-glance graphical views of your unified communications networks
  • Monitor UC resource utilization to retire unused capacity and forecast future requirements
  • Protect your Unified Communications network with real-time threat awareness capabilities
  • Work smarter with a centralized interface for communication, escalation, reporting, and customer interaction
Virsae Contact Center Insight
Virsae Customer Experience Partner

Customer Experience (CX)

Monitor, diagnose, and manage applications critical to customer experience

Put a window to contact center applications and work with clever tools to keep everything running at peak performance.

  • Zero in on caller experience, using vector events and logic to identify common issues, like log in failure, request errors, queuing missteps, and missing announcements
  • Keep critical services up, always, with smart monitoring of critical applications and live pictures of systems performance
  • Manage voice and screen recording platforms, so recorded calls are always on hand when they’re needed
  • Identify every element in your contact center technology stack, understand critical interdependencies, and retain everything in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Virsae Customer Experience Partner


Cloud dashboards and analytics to manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure

When contact center applications rise and fall on their underlying infrastructure, you need clever tools to solve infrastructure issues fast – before things break..

  • Never miss a beat, with live dashboards showing performance, utilization, events, and configuration data
  • Go beyond simple alarm monitoring, using VSM-IN’s sophisticated workflow engine to route alarms to the right people
  • Manage Windows and Linux O/S servers and devices, including LAN switches, routers, Wireless Access Points, and almost any other connected device capable of SNMP
  • Access your IT infrastructure instantly from anywhere – without the hassle of VPN or dialup
Virsae Analytics Partner

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