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VOX Network Solutions is proud to partner with Verint to help simplify and modernize your customer engagement portfolio. Together, we provide powerful solutions that can help you drive deeper loyalty, enhance business performance, automate processes, and set your organization head and shoulders above the competition.

Verint is a technology innovator backed by amazing people – customer engagement experts who are passionately committed to customer success.  By understanding your business goals and working to identify the best approach, strategy, and solutions, VOX and Verint can meet your current and future needs. We believe that together, we can accomplish incredible things.


Featured Solution

Verint AQM – Automated Quality Management 

Automate your quality program and make every agent your best agent

Verint Customer Engagement Partner

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement represents a positive, value-creating relationship between customers and an organization throughout the customer journey. In today’s channel, customers may want to connect through web or mobile self-service, live chat, communities, voice and much more.
Verint Voice partner


Voice solutions such as feedback management, interaction analytics and speech analytics, offer you the ability to create a loyal customer base, by consistently delivering value. By listening to what your customers are saying and mobilizing that data into actionable intelligence, you can increase revenue and decrease churn.
Verint Workforce Optimization Partner

Workforce Optimization

With Verint Workforce Optimization solutions you can drive customer engagement and operational efficiencies across your organization. Whether you want to employ intelligent recording, automated quality management, desktop and process analytics, or robotic process automation, VOX and Verint can ensure efficiency and thoroughness.
Verint Employee Engagement Partner

Employee Engagement

If you engage your employees you can prime your organization to deliver positive, lasting impressions to your customers. By empowering them with the right information and tools to handle each customer request with care, and speed, you can drive customer success and operational efficiency.

Featured Solution

Verint Workforce Engagement 

Empowering today’s most productive and efficient Contact Centers

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