Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
VOX provides consulting and solutions to support a broad range of UCaaS products and services. Need help understanding solutions from different vendors and how they align to your business goals, we can help!

UCaaS Is..

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a cloud or, as-a-service consumption model for your Unified Communications (UC) technologies. Every vendor has a unique way of packaging or bundling their individual solutions (including some amazing productivity Apps), but the most common feature included in a UCaaS product offering are: Voice, Messaging and Video Conferencing. Because this is a cloud-based approach, storage and security are built in.







Move your UC from CapEx to OpEx

UCaaS takes the model of Unified Communications and modernizes it. Instead of paying for your UC system as a capital expense (CapEx), it now becomes an operating expense (OpEx) that can flex to meet your business’s needs both today and tomorrow.

Protection is Built-In
With UCaaS systems cybersecurity and data protection happens automatically, so you’re protected from cyber attacks and other revenue-interrupting catastrophes.
UCaaS is One Component of Digital Transformation
Re-thinking how you run your business and how people, process and technologies enable your organization’s future is just the beginning.
Understand UCaaS

The Definitive Guide
to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Gain a deeper understanding of UCaaS and learn how to choose which solution is right for your business needs.
Lifecycle Adoption and Training
Do you need help understanding how UCaaS can work with your organization?

Business Strategy Analysis

Through our proprietary Lifecycle methodology, our team of UCaaS telecom experts will discover and document your business strategies, objectives and KPIs and how these align with your key business units and their core processes. This robust engagement yields enlightening results and creates holistic clarity to shed light on the business imperatives that are critical to your organizational success.

Business technology assessment: UC/UCAAS

The UC / UCaaS Assessment is ideal for customers who are planning to implement collaborative solutions such as Voice, Video or Mobility. Our team of experts provides a thorough, consultative examination and analysis of your readiness for the migration to a new solution. The UCaaS Assessment facilitates effective planning and deployment of a Unified Collaboration solution from end to end.


Get more value from your existing technology investments, and achieve your desired business outcomes. This assessment measures adoption of in-house UCaaS technologies by analyzing software versions, application and software usage, feature utilization and training programs and more.

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Our UCaaS Solution Partners


A familiar name in IT, Cisco was founded in 1984 and is a trusted name in networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other forms of high technology. Cisco has broad shoulders and a deep background, basing their UCaaS solutions on years of experience and a multinational staff.

Their UCaaS product, Broadcloud, helps businesses move to the cloud gradually. If your company already has a Cisco UC system, Broadcloud may be the best choice if you want to make a change.

Whether you want to change gradually or immediately, Cisco can help you host your cloud solution on your premises on their cloud servers.


Avaya is a spin-off of Lucent Technologies, which itself was a spin-off of AT&T. Founded in 2000, Avaya’s focus has been on communications solutions for businesses from the beginning.

Avaya’s product OneCloud, which pairs with its app Equinox, can be entirely cloud-based. However, like Cisco, they can provide and install the UCaaS product / equipment stack you need to host everything on your premises.


Boasting the market’s first cloud-only solution, RingCentral has been in existence since 1999. The most narrowly focused of the companies that specialize in UCaaS solutions, it earned Frost & Sullivan’s Market Leadership Award in both 2015 and 2016.

The central service of RingCentral, Office, operates on an open API platform that encourages a community of developers to create customized patches for their specific needs and integrations.