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TelStrat Partner

Elevate value with vox + telstrat

TelStrat Partner San Francisco

VOX Network Solutions is a proud TelStrat partner. Together we can help accelerate performance and drive engagement through powerful call recording, quality, analytics, and workforce management solutions.

TelStrat’s solutions are designed to be flexible and fit a broad range of business needs. With superior design and scalability, their interaction recording and workforce optimization tools help thousands of contact centers improve operations and customer experience to drive greater success. By partnering with TelStrat – a Serenova Company, VOX can help enable our clients to make informed decisions to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Telstrat Call Recording Partner

Call and Screen Recording

Engage Record software provides rock-solid call recording easily tailored to support service excellence, policy adherence, and regulatory compliance. Call recordings enable staff to resolve disputes quickly, support legal defense, and mine fresh business intelligence.
TelStrat Quality Management Partner

Quality Management

With Engage Quality Management software staff can perform evaluations, coach, provide e-learning content, pinpoint needs of improvement, and set practices that increase satisfaction, drive sales, and build customer loyalty.
TelStrat Analytics Partner


Customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty are prime goals of successful organizations. Analyzing your customer interactions ensures you are among the winners. Know your customers’ issues. Detect trends early and respond quickly, appropriately, and effectively. Powerful interaction analytics build competitive advantage.


TelStrat Workforce Management Partner

Workforce Management

Contact centers and back-offices need workforce scheduling and forecasting to meet service level commitments and budget requirements. TelStrat workforce management software tools simplify creating efficient, effective customer service operations, while empowering and motivating agents to achieve more.
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