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Verint and VOX Network Solutions are at the forefront of providing organizations with the tools they need to simplify, modernize, and automate Workforce Engagement in their contact centers and across the enterprise. Our Contact Center Workforce Engagement offerings can enable organizations to meet the needs and expectations of employees and help them deliver an excellent experience to customers both now and in the future. We’ve been leading and innovating in the Workforce Engagement market for over 20 years. We’re ready for the future of Workforce Engagement. Are you?

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Verint Workforce Engagement

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To succeed in customer experience management, start with managing agent experiences. Keep in mind that it’s more than creating a fun work environment. Successful Workforce Engagement programs are tightly knitted with the overall Workforce Optimiztion efforts. They focus on bringing the right talent, providing them with a formal career plan and guidance. Once on board, they’re also laser-focused on ensuring agents have the right information and tools needed to succeed in their jobs.

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We provide consulting and solutions to support and enable today’s most productive and efficient Contact Centers.
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