Special Offer: Mutare Voice Spam Filter
  • Get four weeks of Mutare Voice Spam Filter monitoring your voice traffic for only $6,500
  • Receive a report in week five showing the impact of robocall / voice spam activity on your enterprise and potential costs to your organization
  • Apply your special offer investment to your future Mutare Voice Spam Filter subscription
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About Mutare Voice Spam Filter

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter is an enterprise solution that dramatically reduces voice spam for inbound calls, is easy to manage, and pays for itself in productivity gains almost immediately after switching it on. It guards your voice network by filtering incoming calls, allowing legitimate business calls through while blocking spam callers. Unlike some spam solutions that ring your phone and interrupt your workflow, the Mutare Voice Spam Filter diverts spam calls without ever ringing your phone. Because voice calls are the life blood of business, the feature is designed to “do no harm,” steps out of the call path in the event of a failure and never “listens” in to the call medium. The filter simply looks at the call signal data ensuring call integrity and security.