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Oracle Communications Partner

VOX Network Solutions is a proud Oracle Communications partner. Together we can help tame the chaos and ensure peace of mind within your communication infrastructure. By securing your UC infrastructure, reducing communications overload and digital distraction Oracle brings a S.A.F.E Architecture. We focus on Security to address the critical needs of real time communications, Analytics that offer a natural progression into machine learning and AI, Flexibility to deploy application on an as-needed basis, and Extensibility to provide open platforms, cutting-edge computing and network, server and storage functionality. Together, with this unique approach, VOX and Oracle Communications deliver unparalleled performance, capacity, high availability, and manageability.



Oracle believes businesses can optimize the performance and availability of cloud-based applications and services by adding intelligence and automation to the edge of the enterprise network. By intelligently managing traffic at the perimeter of the network— close to users and devices— enterprises can ensure secure, fast and reliable connectivity to any mix of private and public clouds. A solution that is secure, provides analytics, flexibility and extensibility can address chaos and tame it. This is Oracle’s S.A.F.E architecture.
Oracle Communications Partner

vox + Oracle Award WInning Partnership

Oracle Innovation of the Year award

Oracle Specialization award

This award recognizes VOX for the Hyperconnected Enterprise Specialization. In order to achieve specialization, VOX met a stringent set of product-specific competency and business requirements and completed training to merit the HCE product expert competency. This award is Oracle’s most comprehensive enablement status for enterprise partners and recognizes that VOX is proficient in selling, implementing and/or developing Oracle Communications Hyperconnected Enterprise solutions. Oracle Communications Hyperconnected Enterprise Solutions enable trusted, first-class delivery of next-generation voice, video, and unified communications services and applications across IP networks. 

Oracle Innovation of the Year award

This award recognizes VOX for developing strategic solutions and services to expand the reach of Oracle Communication’s S.A.F.E. architecture. VOX is one of Oracle’s fastest growing partners, making waves in call center, government, healthcare and retail verticals across the nation. With their innovative and consultative approach, VOX ensures mission critical applications like Oracle’s best-of-breed Enterprise Communication solutions are supported and extended through all industries.
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Enterprise Session BorderController (E-SBC)

The ESBC provides strong security, high availability, and interoperability for enterprise VoIP and unified communications (UC) networks. Organizations worldwide use it to deliver the highest service levels to customers.
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Failsafe SD-WAN

The Oracle Talari SD-WAN solution creates a smart and responsive network, one that adapts in real time to bandwidth demand and actual network conditions, ensuring that presently and regardless of network issues, critical applications have priority and all applications take the best quality path through the network, ensuring uptime so business can get done.
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Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker (ECB)

Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker is a core session manager purpose-built to simplify complex, multivendor, VoIP, and unified communications (UC) networks.
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Oracle Enterprise Operations Monitor

Dramatically reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair with Oracle EOM. Unique, end-to-end session correlation and real-time analysis capabilities enable IT teams to rapidly detect, isolate, and resolve problems anywhere in multivendor VoIP and UC networks.
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