VOX Network Solutions, a Proud

DVSAnalytics Partner


Elevate value with vox + DVSanalytics

VOX Network Solutions is a proud DVSAnalytics partner, delivering practical Workforce Optimization solutions for contact centers of all sizes, on-premise or in the cloud. Together, we are able to provide comprehensive applications for secure screen and call recording, 360° quality management, practical analytics, and workforce management.

DVSAnalytics solutions are available in a modular component system. This allows our customers to combine the components they need to optimize the solution for their best business value.

With DVSAnalytics solutions, we can help improve customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations.


Enterprise WFO for RingCentral

Try both the Desktop Recording and Quality Management solutions from DVS for FREE!


Enterprise WFO for RingCentral

Try both the Desktop Recording and Quality Management solutions from DVS for FREE!


DVSAnalytics Interaction Recording Partner

Interaction Recording

Interaction Recording technologies meet the needs of contact centers in companies of all sizes, in all industries. Improve customer service, maintain compliance, reduce risk and liability, settle disputes, verify customer orders and gain key insights.

DVSAnalytics Desktop Analytics Partner

Desktop Analytics

Gain valuable insights, streamline processes, and ensure compliance for your contact center with Encore Desktop Analytics . Encore Analytics is a family of applications used to control recordings and capture critical data, delivering business intelligence and insights to interactions, including advanced search and retrieval capabilities.
DVSAnalytics Quality Management Partner

Quality Management

Easily review all recorded interactions, internal and external, across multiple channels and mediums with Quality Management. Evaluation and automated coaching applications help improve agent performance even when supervisors are unavailable.

DVSAnalytics Reporting Partner


Data is collected at every touch point: Interaction Recording, Agent Evaluations, Automated Agent Coaching. Don’t leave that data untapped. Encore customizable Reports and Dashboards provide visibility and insights into KPIs to identify which areas are improving and which areas require extra effort.

DVSAnalytics Workforce Management Partner

Workforce Management

Easily schedule contact center staff to meet service level objectives while controlling costs with DVSAnalytics Workforce Engagement Management software. Multiple forecasting methods, flexible scheduling tools, and real-time agent adherence let you maximize contact center performance.
DVSAnalytics Workforce Engagement Partner

Workforce engagement

Workforce Engagement is even more important in today’s fast-paced world where customer demands are complex. Responding to them requires a highly trained, effectively scheduled and agile workforce.

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