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Remember when the end of summer meant going back to school? Meeting new people, learning new things, and preparing for the future was as exciting as it was unnerving. With some trepidation, we all took that step into a place that, with effort and engagement, enabled us to make it to where we are today.

Just as school became a place to learn, socialize and explore new things, the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) was created to foster education, personal networking and requisite training to help your customers excel in their career. IAUG’s network serves more than 5,000 members and has an extended community of over 12,000 virtual members who regularly participate in chapter meetings, networking events, webinars, forum discussions, and career and professional development activities around the globe.

Limited Time Offer: Customers Get Two Years of Membership for the Price of One

If your customers are looking for opportunities to expand their Avaya connections, increase their value to their employer and be on the forefront of the business communications industry, joining IAUG is a smart move. By entering source code IAUGBOGO on the IAUG profile page, they will get two years of membership for the price of one. Membership in IAUG strengthens their investment in Avaya, and provides you with unique opportunities to introduce new products and services.

Don’t delay: Invite your customers to join IAUG today with a special opportunity to get two years of membership for the price of one. This offer expires on October 31, 2016. Offer valid for new members only.

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