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Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience (CX)

A company’s chief deliverable often gets all the attention. After all, that’s where the money is, and that’s what contributes to the bottom line. Unfortunately, this strategy may mean giving short shrift to customers who have a question, need support, or want to make an additional purchase.

If the company with which they do business hasn’t considered how to make every touchpoint part of its overall brand, it can lose a customer.

According to the Harvard Business Review, it can be 25 times more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Conversely, organizations who can improve customer retention by just 5% can increase a company’s profits from anywhere between 25% and 95%.

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What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience (CX) is the sum of every interaction a customer has with a company throughout its relationship. Customer experience is every touchpoint, whether in person, on the phone, or online. It incorporates every level of the person: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Therefore, every event that takes place within the Customer Journey contributes to customer experience (CX):




Product Use

Technical Support

Customer Service

Customer experience (CX) is more than a technology, a product, or a marketing gimmick. It’s a holistic approach to gaining and keeping customers.

But how does an organization provide a consistent, on-brand Customer experience (CX) across multiple interactions, employees, and channels?

The need is clear:

organizations must implement processes coupled with integrated software to manage, monitor, and enhance every contact with a customer across his or her journey. Those who fail to do so will no longer be able to compete.

Understand CX


Understand what Customer experience (CX) is and learn how to choose which solution is right for your business needs.

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What Is Customer Experience Management (CXM or CEM)?

What Is Customer Experience Management
(CXM or CEM)?

CXM is the process behind the creation of great, consistent CX. It’s how a company oversees every touchpoint along the Customer Journey (CJ). It’s also how companies can produce actionable data to create a cycle of continuous—even exponential—customer experience improvement solutions

CXM allows organizations to monitor Customer Engagement, tap Customer Insights, and manage their Workforce.

Terms, systems, and processes associated with CXM include:

  • Customer Journey (CJ)
  • DX Design
  • Omnichannel
  • App Integration
  • Workforce Optimization (WFO)

To bring all of these components together in a cohesive system, enterprises need to learn how to create and manage an…

Intelligent Contact Center.

Customer Journey (CJ)

The path a customer takes as he or she interacts with a company.

Savvy CX specialists will create a Customer Journey Map, plotting out exactly how a consumer will interact with a company throughout their relationship. Such a map will help organizations plan positive customer experiences improvement solutionsaround each touchpoint, identify areas that need customer service management, and prioritize enhancements.

App Integration

Combining every application a company uses to interact with a customer: website and e-commerce, Omnichannel Contact Center (both inbound and outbound), CRM, and all other digital CX tools. All apps must integrate so agents can have access to all relevant information when they interact with a customer.

Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Operational efficiency through Call Center technology. These technologies manage call flow, AI interactions, and provide solutions to agents on the fly. It also allows managers to assist their team through metrics, monitoring, and even live coaching.

CX Design

The overall design behind a CX system. Meant to create a “whole person” experience, a great CX Design leaves customers with overall positive feelings toward a brand. (This is not UX, or User Experience, but will incorporate the principles of UX at all touchpoints.)


Today’s consumers want to choose how and when
they interact with a company’s Contact Center (CC). Enterprises engaged in Digital Transformation must be able to communicate in a unified way across all channels, including:

  • Voice
  • Mobile
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Self-Service
  • Social Media
  • Web Chat
  • Fax
  • Kiosk

Leveraging the Intelligent Contact Center (ICC)

Leveraging the Intelligent Contact Center (ICC)

A Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) brings together Omnichannel functionality, AI, and comprehensive discovery and feedback mechanisms. In other words, it gives both systems and Workforce the information and integration
needed to create positive CX.

  • Consolidate information
  • Manage call volume spikes
  • Collect data, record interactions, and monitor compliance
  • Help agents offer upsell information
  • Use AI and speech recognition to route and expedite customer contacts

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Throughout each customer interaction, ICCs collect data, allowing enterprises to view vital CX metrics through Voice of the Customer (VoC) insight:

Customer Effort Score (CES)
Quantifies the touchpoint’s ease of use.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
Quantifies the customer’s satisfaction at a given
point in the process.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Quantifies how likely a customer is to recommend
the brand to a friend after a given interaction.

more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one
Who Benefits from a CXM Strategy and Why?

Who Benefits from a CXM Strategy and Why?

Though any organization can benefit from an investment in customer experience (CX) strategies and technologies, certain industries cannot afford to fall behind their competition.

PX (Patient Experience) and Healthcare

Satisfied patients are more engaged. They’ll take doctor advice, follow up, and be more willing to ask questions.

Quality PX equals:

  • Improved rapport between healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Less time between doctor appointments.
  • A greater willingness to speak up when something’s not right.

This improved communication allows healthcare institutions to catch problems—both in individual patients and the overall system—driving better clinical outcomes.

CX and Retail

Brands that maintain a competitive edge over other retailers have emphasized customer experience (CX) strategy as part of its overall product. As buyers consider their options, they want to engage in the method of their choice (Omnichannel).

Then, they want to feel happy with their purchase. If they’re unhappy, they want to be heard by helpful Customer Service reps. If they have a question, they want it answered quickly, without roadblocks, and in a manner consistent with the brand.

The integration of a well-designed customer experience (CX) system promises to bring customers back over and over again.

CX and Insurance

When customers reach out to their insurance company, it is often during a period of anxiety and stress. They may have just received bad news, lost property, or been injured. Insurance companies don’t want to miss this opportunity for effective and positive engagement.

Such companies, therefore, need to make sure Customer Satisfaction remains high while Customer Effort remains low. A comprehensive CX strategy will aid agents as they guide buyers through what may make or break a long-term relationship.

CX and BFSI (Banks and Financial Services Institutions)

When it comes to taking care of someone else’s money and personal information, the best BFSIs continually build a cycle of trust with their clientele.

A fully-integrated CX customer experience network system means none of your staff seems uninformed on a phone call. It means they can have access to sales and upsell information without having to remember each product.

And it means your front-line employees can view data from across every one of your apps at the same time.

CX and Travel

Travelers want peace-of-mind and the ability to relax even while leaving the comforts of home. This is hard while engaging in with hard-to-remember security protocols, the uncomfortable feelings of flying, and unfamiliar surroundings.

Travelers need the ability to communicate across channels. They need to be able to get information wherever they are and however they want.

At the same time, managers need to monitor the compliance of their customer service representatives, heading off problem interactions whenever possible. Such a strategy can earn customers for life.

The VOX CX Ecosystem

Who Are the Top CX Solutions

Who Are the Top CX Solutions

Verint Partner of the year


Verint is a technology innovator backed by amazing people – customer engagement experts who are passionately committed to customer success.

In 2018, VOX was recognized as Verint’s Partner of the Year. This award is the result of an robust organizational partnership focused on delivery truly transformative solutions for our shared clients. Verint combines several of its products into a complete Intelligent Contact Center. Their systems are built on an open platform, allowing for seamless integration into a company’s current or changing environment. Here is a quick overview some of their more noted solutions:

Workforce Engagement

Verint and VOX Network Solutions are at the forefront of providing organizations with the tools they need to simplify, modernize, and automate Workforce Engagement in their contact centers and across the enterprise. Our Contact Center Workforce Engagement offerings can enable organizations to meet the needs and expectations of employees and help them deliver an excellent experience to customers both now and in the future. We’ve been leading and innovating in the Workforce Engagement market for over 20 years. We’re ready for the future of Workforce Engagement.

Back-Office Enterprise Productivity

Verint and VOX Network Solutions are at the forefront of providing organizations with the assessments, consulting and solutions they need to simplify, modernize, and automate back-office processes and service delivery. Through Digital Transformation you will: gain operational intelligence, automate tasks and processes, and increase team productivity.

In fact, you may already have the tools in-house to rejuvenate operational productivity.

Financial Compliance

Verint and VOX Network Solutions team-up to drive success for our clients through industry leading solutions and professional services for: Communication Capture & Governance, Proactive Compliance, Automated Testing & Monitoring Transcription & Compliance Investigation.

Automated Quality Management (AQM)

Through our partnership with Verint, you can automate your entire contact center quality process, from scoring evaluations through assigning coaching (Verint AQM). By introducing automated components — such as scoring — you can revolutionize how your organization approaches quality, shifting resources from identifying opportunities to improve agent performance to actually improving it, and in turn helping to make every agent your best agent.

Avaya CX
Avaya Edge Diamond Partner


VOX is a proud Diamond Level Partner, Avaya’s highest and most prestigious partnership.

Together, we provide global solutions and technologies for customer and team engagement, unified communications and collaboration, contact center, customer experience management, and networking.

Avaya IX Contact Center

The Avaya IX Contact Center allows users to monitor the Omnichannel through a single workspace. It maps across all channels, monitoring AI interactions, and determining when customers need assistance from an agent.

Avaya IX Contact Center knows when customers are using mobile devices, offering them a carefully designed wireless experience. And it allows enterprises to leverage AI by enhancing human decision-making and simplifying system operations.

Avaya customer experience gives your agents a single source of information they can trust by incorporating data across all mission-critical apps and through all customer interactions.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement represents a positive, value-creating relationship between customers and an organization throughout the customer journey. In today’s digital era, customers demand and expect a consistent and seamless experience across multiple touch points, both physical and digital.

Get contact center solutions that enable you to build a customized portfolio of applications—to drive stronger customer engagement and promote higher customer lifetime value.


Customer care has evolved from voice-only call centers to include email, web chat, instant messaging, SMS/text, social media, and video. For high-value customer service, it is critical to offer seamless experiences across channels and consistent experiences via context. With a unified platform for inbound and outbound interactions across channels, you can meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, build your brand, out-perform the competition, and increase productivity.

Team Engagement

Boundless Team Engagement happens when communications solutions integrate into your work culture. Streamlined, cost-effective processes transform the way your teams engage with customers, partners, and each other. Barriers disappear, relationships blossom, productivity rises, and your business accelerates.

Swampfox CX


If you have an Avaya Contact Center, Swampfox is solution provider you owe it to yourself to get to know. In a nutshell, the engineers who founded Swampfox were instrumental in the development of the Avaya Voice Portal and Avaya Experience Portal (AEP) platforms. They launched Swampfox with the goal of improving the Avaya Contact Center, by making it more intuitive, efficient and less cumbersome. Here is a quick overview of their solutions:

Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX)

Intelligent Customer Experience™ (ICX) offers intelligent routing and customer experience management for single and multiple call-center deployments through its DRM (Dynamic Route Manager) and IG (Intelligent Greeting) modules.

First In Line

First In Line™ offers intelligent callback services to meet customer service metrics while minimizing costs associated with overstaffing.

Outbound Campaign Manager

Outbound Campaign Manager™ offers proactive, multichannel outbound services including automated IVR, SMS, email, and agent based services.

Voice of Experience

Voice of Experience™ offers post-call survey applications capturing customer sentiment through voice, SMS, and mobile applications.

DVS Analytics CX

DVS Analytics

VOX Network Solutions a proud DVSAnalytics partner, delivering Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solutions. Together, we are able to provide comprehensive applications for secure screen and call recording, 360° quality management, analytics, workforce management, reporting, and a powerful set of employee engagement capabilities.

With DVSAnalytics solutions, we can help improve customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations.

Workforce Management

Easily schedule contact center staff to meet service level objectives while controlling costs with DVSAnalytics Workforce Engagement Management software. Multiple forecasting methods, flexible scheduling tools, and real-time agent adherence let you maximize contact center performance.

Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement is even more important in today’s fast-paced world where customer demands are complex. Responding to them requires a highly trained, effectively scheduled and agile workforce.

Interaction Recording

Interaction Recording technologies meet the needs of contact centers in companies of all sizes, in all industries. Improve customer service, maintain compliance, reduce risk and liability, settle disputes, verify customer orders and gain key insights.

Desktop Analytics

Gain valuable insights, streamline processes, and ensure compliance for your contact center with Encore Desktop Analytics . Encore Analytics is a family of applications used to control recordings and capture critical data, delivering business intelligence and insights to interactions, including advanced search and retrieval capabilities.

Quality Management

Easily review all recorded interactions, internal and external, across multiple channels and mediums with Quality Management. Evaluation and automated coaching applications help improve agent performance even when supervisors are unavailable.


Data is collected at every touch point: Interaction Recording, Agent Evaluations, Automated Agent Coaching. Don’t leave that data untapped. Encore customizable Reports and Dashboards provide visibility and insights into KPIs to identify which areas are improving and which areas require extra effort.

Cisco cloud center CX


Enterprise Contact Center

Cisco built its Unified Contact Center for large enterprises, able to handle up to 24,000 agents. Robust and scalable, it allows IT professionals to choose what functionality they want to incorporate as they grow their ability to engage in CXM.

Cisco built fault-tolerance and comprehensive reporting into the solution. It comes with monitoring systems that ensure compliance and improve Workforce performance. Though the Unified Contact Center isn’t for every business, it’s likely the most powerful and customizable ISS available.

As the global market leader for infrastructure technologies, Cisco has deep history in developing purpose built cloud solutions with key advantages:


  • Cisco provides a fully integrated omni-channel contact center solution that is 100% in the Cloud.
  • Cloud solutions are incredibly cost effective as they allow you to pay for only what you use, for Contact Centers this is a tremendous budgetary savings.
  • Seamless customer experiences are built-in with Cisco’s fully integrated omnichannel architecture
  • Subscription Plans are fully customizable with Cisco FlexPlan, create your winning scenario
Serenova Workforce Optimization (WFO) CX


Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Serenova has made a goal of creating products that fit inside their clients’ ecosystems. Their WFO solution will integrate into most any CX and Contact Center system.

Serenova’s Quality Management product empowers organizations, allowing them to monitor agent interactions, evaluate them, and deliver results to managers.

  • Record screen and phone interactions
  • Create customizable rating criteria
  • Receive coaching recommendations
  • Share feedback with agents directly

It’s Workforce Management (WFM) tools take the headache out of staff scheduling. It’s flexible, allowing managers to make adjustments on-the-fly, work from anywhere (and on any device), and forecast staffing needs with accuracy.

Making CX Part of Your Digital Transformation

Making CX Part of Your Digital Transformation

There are so many complexities associated with architecting, implementing and maintaining an optimal customer experience (CX) network​ system that it can be tempting to put off making this vital transformation.

It can be helpful to start small. Businesses who renovate their customer experience (CX) improvement solutions often focus on a pain point or business outcome. They start by asking:


  • Do we want to increase productivity?
  • Improve Call Center metrics?
  • Increase Workforce Productivity?
  • Ensure compliance through operational visibility?

Enterprise-class organizations which have multiple,
geographically dispersed offices, a myriad of technology
solutions and evolving industry and compliance challenges often look to bring in outside assistance to help with everything from discovery and business assessments to process analytics, solution architecture, project planning, implementation, training and ongoing maintenance.

The bottom-line is that customer experience (CX) is a complex topic which requires tremendous insight and expertise to tackle.

Through our Lifecycle program, the CX experts at VOX have a roadmap and methodology to guide you through
transformational initiatives like customer experience (CX).

VOX Lifecycle Targeted CX Services

VOX Lifecycle Targeted CX Services

Contact Center Assessment Services

The purpose of the VOX Contact Center Assessment program is to take an objective look at the people, process, and technology in your contact center. Your contact center personnel touch one contact center a year yours—our consultants touch hundreds.


Contact Center Audit Services

Contact Centers are dynamic and as such, technology standards and best practices often get lost in project work-load. In many cases, multiple engineers or staff members are touching your systems. Along the way, and as standards drift, so do support and maintenance costs to run these platforms. VOX offers Audit Services to ensure your systems are optimized and running at peak performance.


Contact Center Performance Evaluation

The VOX Performance Evaluations ensure your systems are optimized for peak performance. VOX will review entitlements, licenses and features to ensure you are maximizing your investment. We will gather business and reporting requirements and identify key performance indicators. In addition, we will review desired customer engagement expectations, workflows, staffing, feature usage and provide a gap analysis. We will then provide recommendations for features, applications, workflow, metrics and reporting.


Contact Center Advisory Services

Our Virtual advisors are experienced in best practices of contact center management. They will consult with your management team and provide valuable insight to help measure customer experience, assess KPI’s, create best practices for agent scorecards, provide calibration options for quality evaluations, measure staff performance, improve efficiencies and assess changes to policies and procedures. In addition, they can augment your team while on special projects for vacation, teach and mentor on best practices and provide technology recommendations.

Get to know…


“Make informed decisions to achieve your desired business outcomes.”
A Consultative Approach
High-Touch Partnership
Prescriptive Methodology
Robust Customer Success Plan
Process, Tech & Risk Assessments

Process Optimization Services (vPOP)

Our Virtual advisors are experienced in best practices of contact center management. They will consult with your management team and provide valuable insight to help measure customer experience, assess KPI’s, create best practices for agent scorecards, provide calibration options for quality evaluations, measure staff performance, improve efficiencies and assess changes to policies and procedures. In addition, they can augment your team while on special projects for vacation, teach and mentor on best practices and provide technology recommendations.

VOX provides consulting and solutions to support the complete customer journey. Need help understanding offerings from different vendors and how they align to your business goals? Get In Touch With VOX Today!

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