VOX provides a broad range of consulting services that compliment each of our technology practice areas: Contact Center, Collaboration and Network. Our team of industry experts, business consultants and technologists are fully committed to our client’s success.


VOX provides a broad range of consulting services that compliment each of our technology practice areas: Contact Center, Collaboration and Network. Our team of industry experts, business consultants and technologists are fully committed to our client’s success.
Keys to Success
Keys to Success
  • Trusted Advisory
  • Outcome Focused
  • Strategically Aligned

Professional Services

The Business Strategy Analysis is a process for researching and understanding our clients’ business strategy and objectives. We utilize various tools and research vehicles to establish an understanding of the company’s vision, strategic initiatives, and objectives. After collaboration with the company’s executive team we are able to confirm and or adjust our findings as well as add detail on objectives and KPI’s for each business unit.
We have a variety of assessments that look at the people, process, and technology. VOX helps you to better understand how your technology is ahead or behind the curve in today’s market place. This in depth engagement allows you to help validate your concerns and identify areas for improvement. Your organization will be benchmarked against a variety of customers in your vertical, as well as industry standards and best practices.

Through VOX Security Awareness Training, you will unleash your most powerful line of defense, your human resources, with immediate results. Your employees and contractors will gain key insights and understandings that bridge both their home life and business life to create heightened awareness, new behaviors and a proactive approach to protecting the things that matter most.



VOX’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) provides a broad range of consultative and hands-on services to help organizations deliver on business imperatives while protecting critical assets and reducing the overall risk profile. When you engage with a vCISO from VOX, you get seasoned leader to help you navigate the complex, ever evolving business landscape of security, compliance and regulations.


The VOX adoption program includes adoption planning and deployment, monitoring and reporting and optimization.  Our consultants will create a customer success plan that includes adoption metrics and recommendations that lead to specific business outcomes.
VOX helps you to better understand what training has been provided to users, supervisors & administrators and then compare this to what opportunities are available in the market place. This is an engagement that allows you to validate any concerns that you might have and identify areas for improvement.
It’s our proven methodology to help companies improve their business operations and capture new financial upsides as part of the outcome. With vPOP, we take a deep dive into how your organization operates by identifying and addressing critical areas for cost gains and efficiencies. VOX will show you how to optimize your operational processes, technologies and people all while yielding substantial returns for your bottom line.
The VOX Performance Evaluations ensure your systems are optimized for peak performance.  VOX will review entitlements, licenses and features to ensure you are maximizing your investment. We will gather business and reporting requirements and identify key performance indicators. In addition, we will review desired customer engagement expectations, workflows, staffing, feature usage and provide a gap analysis. We will then provide recommendations for features, applications, workflow, metrics and reporting.
Through this special offer, your organization will gain clear visibility into the risks inside your network. Take this opportunity to experience the superior power of Cisco security.  Our Threat Scan is a 20-day free trial program that has been designed to introduce your organization to the strength, power and simplicity of Cisco security. You will experience the world’s leading Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) in combination with the industries most effective endpoint protection system, Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) for Endpoints.
VOX has a very unique lifecycle approach. Our prescriptive process enables us to understand our customers business objectives and align technology to help them achieve their organizational strategy.  Our process methodology aligns with our six technology practices: Consulting, Contact Center, Collaboration, Network, Security and Managed Services.
Our Virtual advisors are experienced in best practices of contact center management. They will consult with your management team and provide valuable insight to help measure customer experience, assess KPI’s, create best practices for agent scorecards, provide calibration options for quality evaluations, measure staff performance, improve efficiencies and assess changes to policies and procedures.  In addition, they can augment your team while on special projects for vacation, teach and mentor on best practices and provide technology recommendations.

VOX Consulting

trusted advisory

Earn the respect of our clients through engaged listening, stout recommendations, responsive communications and unquestioned integrity.

outcome focused

Produce tangible results by delivering solutions that increase revenue, improve efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.

aligned solutions

Provide technology-based solutions that align with organizational strategy and cater to each client’s unique scenario.







VOX’s consulting experts and engineers begin by understanding your real-world business issues, all of which center around deploying new and more powerful applications and services. We evaluate your business activities and objectives, taking into account your organizational structure, culture, and existing technology. Once we’ve completed our preliminary analysis, we provide both an executive-level and in-depth analysis of your unique challenge. We then produce consolidated information and reports to facilitate your decision-making process.