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Brisbane, California, October 26th, 2017 – Earlier this week, Avaya announced that they have reached a Plan of Reorganization that is fully supported by all of our major creditor groups

Since declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2017, Avaya has embarked on a journey to transform, and emerge from Reorganization as a stronger, more competitive company. With installations of more than 130,000 customers in 220,000 locations Avaya has a strong customer base to springboard off of. However, Avaya knows that in order to successfully emerge, they must continue to evolve.

Acknowledging their need for transformation, Laurent Philonenko Avaya’s SVP of Solutions and Technology said, “We need to add more value to our services to make them higher level and more solution-oriented for our customers. Professional services won’t be about stack and rack and install. It’s going to be more consultative. That is a transformation we need to make.”

By shifting their focus to fundamentally transforming customer and employee experiences, Avaya aims to set itself apart from the pack of business communications technology providers.

When asked about their transformation, Avaya CEO Jim Chirico said, “We put them [customers] at the heart of our transformation. We listen to and understand our customers in order to create better customer and citizen experiences—and better business outcomes. We have also re-engineered our business model so we can invest, make acquisitions and take advantage of new efficiencies to drive profitability and growth.”

By enabling customers to integrate new technologies while preserving the investments they’ve already made, simplifying adoption of emerging technologies and using open interfaces in all their solutions, Avaya aims to not only help customers compete today, but also prepare for the competitive environment of the future.

Avaya plans to continue their momentum by to emerging from their debt and restructuring as a public company.


For more information:  https://www.avaya.com/en/about-avaya/newsroom/news-releases/2017/pr-us-171024/

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