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A Day in the Life

Talking with CIOs

Nick Kolintzas CTO, VOX Network Solutions

During my most recent travels, I met with numerous CIOs and I love to understand what makes them tick. In reviewing my meeting notes, I noticed a consistent theme of topics that keep these technology leaders up at night.  So, I decided to compile a quick a list.

  1. Customer experience and satisfaction
  2. Managing digital disruption
  3. Employee efficiency
  4. How IT can drive revenue for the business
  5. Selecting the right partner

Do you see a common thread?

Staring down at the list I was a bit surprised to say the least, with hyper growth in intelligent mesh, cloud and digital distribution I shouldn’t have been too surprised. Finding the right partner is imperative as we all navigate through digital disruption and I will be working hard to ensure our Lifecycle Solutions help CIO’s sleep better through the night by addressing their pain points.

Do you need help understanding how VOX can work with your organization?

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